Fresh Approach
Positive Mindset.

About Us

Be Passionate.
Embrace Change.
Defy Expectations.

We do what every financial services company says they do. We manage finances. That part hasn’t changed. But here’s where we depart from the old way of thinking.

Vision only comes from seeking a new perspective. We challenge tradition and seek out innovative opportunities. Where others rely on industry trends, we pursue new ideas. We strive to make a real impact. That’s the Treehouse Wealth difference.

Everyone is hired for a reason and given independence to do great things. We surround ourselves with smart people. To learn from one another, we share ideas openly and collaborate. We challenge the status quo and embrace change to find a better solution.

Our Values

Ignite the Human Spirit.

We know that money is not the end game but rather the channel that enables purpose and passion. Going through the motions is not an option for Treehouse Wealth Advisors. Every relationship we have allows us to embrace life’s adventures and lead by example through grit and humble curiosity. Our client relationships provide us with opportunities to live our values every day.

Our goal – create pathways that enable people to lead their unique & “personal best” life with confidence. That’s why at Treehouse, we use our financial prowess to help the people we serve through financial planning and investment management. We’re excited to share your life’s journey and play a role that defies your expectations while supporting your life’s pursuits.


Exemplary Service.
A Reality.

We focus on empowering our clients to invest their time and assets meaningfully. We are a team of advisors with the passion and drive to challenge the status quo and reinvent what it means to serve as a financial advisor.

Our clients are confident individuals that balance busy careers and family, and we provide the peace of mind and confidence that their financial picture is well taken care of behind the scenes. Being a client of Treehouse Wealth Advisors means being part of a strong network of individuals ready to propel each other forward in all of life’s endeavors.

Advisors and Investment Professionals

Meet our experienced wealth management team members!

Julie Meissner

Founder & CEO

Stacey Chin, CFP®, ChFC®

Private Wealth Advisor & CIO

Andrew Skinner

Private Wealth Advisor

Frances Bird

Private Wealth Advisor & Analyst

Newton Wen

Operations Manager

Julie Meissner

Founder & CEO |

Julie is a founding partner of Treehouse Wealth Advisors, where she leads strategic growth, client engagement, and advisor development. She created Treehouse Wealth Advisors to establish a firm that empowers clients to invest their time and assets purposefully and employees to inspire one another to reach their full potential. She is focused on helping both clients and employees on their path to create and live a meaningful life.

On an ideal weekend, Julie can be found with her husband and two daughters, exploring the bay area with their three dogs on hikes or long bike rides. If she can sneak away for some solo time then you’ll find her in a quiet spot reading or practicing yoga. However, ideal weekends are quite rare. Realistically, she can be found at a swim meet, horseback riding lesson, little girl’s birthday party, or frantically driving between any one of those activities with one or both of her daughters.

She loves silent retreats (see paragraph above if you are wondering why) and completed her yoga instructor training after returning from a meditation retreat in India. If you need a guided workout or help meditating after a long day, look no further.

Julie received her CRCP designation through The FINRA Institute at Wharton after she was chosen by FINRA to receive a merit-based scholarship to attend. She received her B.S. in Finance from Golden Gate University in 1998. In college, Julie co-founded a juice and smoothie business which developed into a franchise chain.

Stacey Chin, CFP®, ChFC®

Private Wealth Advisor |

Stacey Chin brings her experience in wealth management and financial planning to Treehouse Wealth Advisors. Stacey manages individual, customized portfolios structured to help her clients reach their financial goals.

On a Sunday morning in the summer, Stacey can be found reading a book with a hot cup of coffee. In the winter, you will find her on the ski slopes. If you’ve looked both those places and she’s nowhere to be found, she most likely is with friends or family, traveling, or eating something delicious.

Over the years, Stacey has refined her skills as an excellent oyster shucker but she likes to keep it secret because she’d rather someone else shuck them for her. Aw shucks Stacey, cats out of the bag!

Originally from Sacramento, CA, Stacey received her double B.A. degree in Sociology and International Relations – Political Science from the University of California, San Diego and her Masters in Social Science from the University of Chicago.

Andrew Skinner

Private Wealth Advisor |

Andy brings 18 years of investment and client management expertise to Treehouse Wealth Advisors, where he helps his clients manage their financial affairs and plan for the long term. Andy has a special, warm way of connecting with his clients. He loves getting to know everyone around him and nothing makes him happier than helping his clients reach their goals that they’ve worked on together. Andy is a listener and brings passion and energy into his all of his relationships.

Andy loves spending time with his family, particularly watching his two sons grow up, play sports, and become young adults. If he could move anywhere tomorrow, he’d jet off to the British Virgin Islands for a slower pace of life in beautiful surroundings.

The best concert Andy ever went to was on October 31st, 1994. Pearl Jam. Greek Theatre. Either he has an uncanny ability to remember dates or that was one heck of a concert.

Andy attended Sonoma State University where he earned his B.S. in Business Administration. He is an Advisor to the LM Kahn Foundation.

Frances Bird

Private Wealth Advisor & Analyst |

At Treehouse Wealth Advisors, Frances is an individual wealth advisor and works closely with the team to provide portfolio research and analytics. She also can be found dipping her toes into content creation and marketing.

Frances spends her free time enjoying the Bay area’s proximity to the natural world. From skiing in Tahoe to hiking in Big Sur, she rarely lets a weekend go by without some kind of adventure.

Frances took improv classes at Second City and once performed in the middle school talent show with a truly remarkable pogo stick routine to the “Cha Cha Slide”, executed with genuine effort and triumphant creativity. She says she only fell once, a true miracle.

Frances received her B.A. from Dartmouth College in 2015, where she majored in Sociology and was captain of the Varsity Women’s Lacrosse team.

Newton Wen

Operations Manager |

Newton ensures the foundational components of Treehouse Wealth Advisors run smoothly and efficiently. This includes client onboarding, anything operations related, billing, reporting, training advisors, and helping to make sure things are done the right way.

Outside of work, Newton loves to cook and take countless photos of food and buildings from all angles. He enjoys hiking and the outdoors, loves to karaoke, and is also known as the Red Power Ranger.

Newton has participated in 7 Spartan races (including the 2015 World Championship Beast at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California), 6 half-marathons, and 3 Men’s Health Urbanathlons. We do NOT suggest getting into a race with him!

Newton holds a Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance) from Monash University in Australia and a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) from Kaplan Professional in Australia.

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