Gain Financial
Confidence and Security.

We are inspired by the work our clients are doing. They have strong beliefs in living a full, healthy, and balanced life.

Our clients live a lives that are filled with adventure and enjoy serving their communities through impact and innovation. We share a love of travel and world exploration and can often be found doing an outdoor adventure of some sort. 

Being a client of Treehouse Wealth Advisors means being part of a strong network of innovators, legacy builders, and impact makers ready to propel each other forward in all of life’s endeavors — financial and otherwise.


Located in the Bay Area — a hub for innovation and creativity in the health, technology, and education sectors — our firm works with startup founders, educators, leading researchers, professors, book authors, coaches, and healthcare professionals. Our clients’ business goals might include making partner, earning tenure, or achieving an executive-level position; their personal goals might include protecting and growing their nest egg, contributing to the community, and innovating and thriving. These professionals are changing the world with big ideas, and they want a trusted advisor to help them reach their goals. This is where Treehouse Wealth Advisors comes in. We always make decisions with your concerns, values, and goals at the forefront, and we’re always available to answer any questions you have. You’ll have confidence and peace of mind knowing your portfolio is being managed by fiduciaries who always put your priorities first.

Legacy Builders

As a professional, you have a high level of financial complexity in your life. Your business goals may include planning exit strategies, investing in business, value planning for 10 years out, or navigating a complex compensation structure. Your personal goals might include diversifying your wealth, focusing on family relationships, or raising your children to be hardworking, humble, and responsible with their finances.

As a busy and driven legacy builder, you need a trusted advisor who can skillfully handle the financial and estate planning needs in your life. You also need someone who understands the unique stressors that come with your industry.

Many of our clients worry about job security, health, and family stability — they want to make sure they’re helping others by giving back to their communities and setting up future generations for financial success. When you work with Treehouse Wealth Advisors, you can sleep easy at night knowing you have an experienced team who deeply understands these issues and can help you build the comprehensive financial plan you need to succeed.

Impact Makers

You’re a strategic decision-maker, a risk-taker, and a confident, collaborative changemaker. You entered this career path to help people and make a difference — and you need someone who’s got your back, too. Treehouse Wealth Advisors helps many clients with their philanthropic and impact initiatives, and we enjoy working with leaders in the nonprofit sector, as well. If you’re looking for a confidant in your financial wellness through all stages and transitions in life, we’re the right team for you.

Many of our clients’ worries and challenges include investments and financial stability, US economic stability, career continuity, and the well-being of their family. Treehouse Wealth Advisors understands the unique challenges and needs you have and can successfully address these financial concerns.